Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elf Power - Interlude #87

(Arena Rock, 1999)

This 7” comes tucked inside the Dream in Sound LP, and THERE IT CAN STAY for all I care. Cuz it’s a dog! WOOF! “Interlude #87,” which also appears unlisted at the end of the CD, is loopy sound collage wankery of the OTC variety, while hot guitar makes the sloppy psych jam “Wrinkles” at least slightly interesting. But interesting enough to justify the man-sized eBay prices for this rare thingamajig? No sir, I cannot in good conscience say that that is the case. So keep on walkin’, smart shopper.

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Donald Brown said...

Ah, but what if "smart shopper" likes to collect embarrassing moments of rock, like someone I could name...