Monday, November 24, 2008

Faxed Head - Necrogenometry EP

(Amarillo, 1993)

It’s a more musically “together” Faxed Head this time around, with mucho-macho metal vocals and prominent electronic scree that occasionally sounds like it might be a ghastly approximation of a bagpipe. The lyrics remain right-on in their violent stoopidity (“Pantera takes the stage / The girls, the coke, the rage / I’m shifting my weight around / I have 20 pounds of shit stored up / But these people and I are one / Rockin’ together / I’m uncomfortable but free!”), but the relatively tighter playing sacrifices some of the yuks, and the total package just isn’t as conceptually delightful as the “Coalinga” single. The turntable-less curious can investigate both records – plus more more more! – on the Uncomfortable But Free compilation, at which point they’ll admit that I’m right on all counts.


Anonymous said...

I love this 7"!!
the alternating grooves on side A changed my life and set me straight!

Anonymous said...

... not to mention the merchandise catalog that lists the faxed head autographed baseball.

Anonymous said...

After owning and playing this record for several years, I accidently hit the alternate groove on one eery night. Pure genius!! terrifying and thrilling!! This, along with the enclosed catalog makes this one of my all time favorite 7"s