Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Beatles - Hey Jude

(Odeon, 1968)

Those savvy Beatles cover all the bases by trotting out a fast one and a slow one in advance of the “White Album,” and promptly (predictably) sell a gazillion of the things. McCartney perfects the mega-ballad with his seven-minute piano monster, whose slow-build and raucous ending he would later revisit on songs like “The Back Seat of My Car,” “C’mon People,” and “Beautiful Night.” With its tasteful arrangement and singing – restraint was not to be a strong point for the musical descedents of “Hey Jude” – Paul does it right and does it best on his first attempt. The B-side conveniently bolsters the John/rocker, Paul/wimp stereotypes, as “Revolution” sees the Beatles get uncharacteristically heavy and distorted under Lennon’s raw vocals. Overall, one of their best, and not a bum second on either side.

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Donald Brown said...

I was so happy to see on YouTube the TV clip of "Hey Jude" I remember from the summer of '68 -- I like to so much better than "All You Need is Love" broadast.