Friday, January 18, 2008

The Beatles - How Do You Do It

(SOK, 1976)

Gah, a bootleg! Released by one of the early superfan organizations! Plz don’t tell that hat-wearing lawsuit-lover Neil Aspinall that I own such a thing! I don’t want my front door kicked down by the Apple Corps... my things thrown about... me cuffed n led away... interrogated... savagely beaten... thrown in a basement cell with the rotting corpse of Jackie Lomax. But hey hey! Legality aside, have you heard this record? I have. Everyone has. They love it.


“How Do You Do it” could’ve easily been on Please Please Me, as it’s another one of those pleasant yet pussified early-Beatle cover toonz, still halfway between old-timey pop and actual rock ’n’ roll. It’s perhaps a little thinner than most, but super bouncy and melodic nonetheless. Whoopdee-doo; don’t care. The real prize on here is the elusive video mix of “Revolution,” which, somehow, still has not been officially released on discy thingy. More distortion, a different lead vocal, and Paul and George do the “shooby-doo-wap” parts from “Revolution 1”; it’s a tasty combo of the single version and the album version, and it’s certainly my FAVORITE versionversionversion! Hot dog this is a lively number! Why wasn’t this released as part of the Anthology project? A CRIME. Could’ve at least been a B-side on “Real Love” or sumpin. I just don’t get why that ball was dropped. Ball-droppin’ jerks, all of ’em.

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