Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Drunk Horse - Bambi

(Wantage, 2001)

Just the thing to take my mind off of a depressing hour watching coverage of the Republican National Convention, it’s a coupla boozy Prince covers from the long-haired denim types in Drunk Horse. With all traces of funk replaced by straightforward guitar boogie, there’s no salacious leering or stylish posing here; it’s perfectly braindead hedonism howled out for the Budweiser set. “Dirty Mind” might be a little too restrained for its own good, but “Bambi” (which definitely calls to mind alky kinfolk Cheeseburger) is a full-throttle ass-kick that works just fine on its own terms; most covers lazily hitch a ride on the listener’s familiarity with the original, this one suceeds with sheer cockrockin’ oomph. Not sure whether listening to this single or Fred Thompson kills more brain cells, but we can at least agree that Drunk Horse pisses all over ol’ Fred when it comes to fun. And am I the only one who thought that guy looked like he was gonna keel over and die tonight while he BSd his way through his embarrassingly unconvincing high-passion speechifying?

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