Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ian Dury - Spasticus Autisticus

(Polydor, 1981)

Here’s the one! Here’s the reason I foolishly bought all those other Ian Dury records that mostly bored me to death! “SPASTICUS AUTISTICUS”!! The lone TRULY GREAT disc this dude put out! It’s some fucked Seuss-style lyric-spit over punchy new-wave discofunk, all of which is rhythmically supervised by real-deal Jamaican dubberfuggers Sly and Robbie. Sure, I could do without the geeky Spartacus reference at the end (“I’m Spasticus!” “I’m Spasticus!”), but this is otherwise a catchy, hilariously misunderstood party-yelp that’s both the best articulation of Dury’s physical discomfort (and attendant sense o’ humor) AND the finest SONG he ever put together. The B-side here is a not-too-radical dub version – nothing exciting. Still: Get! GET! GET FOR KEEPS! Especially in the extended 12” format!! A classic, absolutely.

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