Monday, March 2, 2009

Gerbils - Glue

(Hidden Agenda, 1997)

Again: the Gerbils. Again: not bad. “Glue” is a nasal, wussyboy take on mid-period Brian Jonestown Massacre (especially in those psychedelic guitars), while “Is She Fiona” matches the quality blown-out fuzzpop of the early Olivia Tremor Control 7”s. Slower tempos and trippier moods seem to suit the Gerbils better than breakneck boppery, leading to what’s definitely a stronger record than the “Grin” disc, and it’s currently available for less than a buck from Parasol. Still, both releases are included in full on the subsequent Are You Sleepy album, diminishing (eliminating?) the need for ownership of either single. Sorry, hoss.

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