Saturday, March 7, 2009

Golding Institute - Sounds Of The International Airport Restrooms

(Planet Pimp, 1998)

A warm March Saturday is a day to make it CLEAN. CLEAN of tooth (minty), CLEAN of hair (luscious locks currently drying), CLEAN of threads (just back from laundromat), CLEAN of mind (Bible), CLEAN of dwelling (broom, etc.). So it’s fitting that this Golding Institute record comes with a free sanitary toilet-seat cover – CLEAN of cheek. Ryan Kerr and his team – a female and a slow-witted male co-host – are back to explore further exotic locales through field recordings, and this time it’s “The Sounds of the International Airport Restrooms,” with visits to the potties of Hawaii, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Australia. Hilariously earnest narrations that casually mix touristy local color with unpleasant topics (venereal disease, human rights abuses) introduce the Institute’s ludicrous real-world tapes. We hear urine splashing, feces plopping, toilets flushing, throats clearing, and horrible bursts of tape distortion. The formula is similar to earlier Golding releases, but this one is funnier, more disturbing, and better executed than the two that precede it. It would also be the last Golding Institute record until 2006, when the ASTOUNDING Final Relaxation came out on Ipecac and promptly blew the rest of the catalog right outta the water. Billed as “your ticket to death through hypnotic suggestion” and “the most unusual album ever sold,” Final Relaxation is a lead pipe to the kneecaps of your comedy-expectations, and MUST BE BOUGHT NOW.


Or: NOW!

Asshole slowguy: THEN!


Anonymous said...

Am I out of line to ask if I could possibly get mp3s of this from you? I would buy it if anyone was selling it…I've been looking and looking…

ithinkihatemy45s said...

I'd definitely do that for you, but unfortunately you're asking at the worst possible time... Just this weekend I spilled some liquid on my laptop (which has the software that lets me create those files), and it looks like I fried the thing. You might want to try Midheaven or Forced Exposure; I got all of the Planet Pimp releases from one of those sites -- at a big discount -- a few years back.

kudzurebel said...
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