Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Francis Harold And The Holograms - The Eagle Can't Fly With One Wing

(Going Underground, 2008)

Degenerate Arizonans give us the sludgy horror of Flipper shoved through blown-out, Pissed Jeans-style speakers at screaming volumes. Incredible spazz-sludge with hilariously weird and well-written give-a-fug lyrics (“The eagle is a bird of bad moral character”??? “Two faggots one cunt”????), these guys are obviously smarter and dirtier and funnier than most amped noizerock doodz, especially on the trebly mess/blur of a B-side. The entire single is tense, ridiculous, and fun; I’d love to see ’em live and you’d love to buy their record. YES YOU WOULD.

Say, before you leave this review for your exciting life of work and marijuana, let me ask you: do you like observational humor? Because I sure do! So check this out: Why can’t people on the internet spell “definitely” correctly? Really! What’s the score there? Is idiocy so rampant? Come on, dumbasses; get it right some day soon on the spelling front and I’ll give you a patronizing pat on your misshapen noggin! You’re so cute! …Or could be.


Donald Brown said...

I'm wondering about that "definitely" problem: what are the variants of the misspellings? Because I gotta say, there are certain words my fingers never type right, and that's one of them. I think I have to correct it everytime I type it (had to above), so if folks are typing fast and not spell-checking, they might not even notice. Someday maybe I'll compile a list of the ones I always have to correct; it's like the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing sometimes, and vice versa.

ithinkihatemy45s said...

The one I see most often is "definately" (just ran into a few this afternoon, in fact), which is not an error born of fumbling fingers. I have no idea why it irks me so much.

Anonymous said...

this is the first accurate write up i've ever seen of this 7 inch
everybody else talks about it like a murderer or retard made it