Thursday, May 7, 2009

George Harrison - Blow Away

(Dark Horse, 1979)

In Europe, cheapskates who sprung for the “Blow Away” single instead of the entire George Harrison album got stuck with LP track “Soft Touch” as the B-side (as opposed to “Soft-Hearted Hana in the U.S.), and the song is nuttin more than a painfully-lazy, polyester-clad, resort-party bore. George has all the edge of a volleyball on this one, and the only thing worth praising it for is that it doesn’t manage to reach the hellish depths of his later island-inspired work on Gone Troppo. So hoorah for half-assed, maxo-relaxo mediocrity… shit manages to look pretty sweet relative to the musical horrors Harrison would soon be dropping on the marketplace.

Hey! While you’re here: Geeky and humble thanks to Adrian at Delusions of Adequacy for offering some kind words about this site. Scholar-and-a-gentleman style, he’s not only a top-notch fellow, he also happens to have good taste AND bang out reams of interesting music-crit. So go read him today! Especially that bit where he praises my Sisyphean (wasted!) efforts – read that part over and over and over and over again. And then once more.

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Donald Brown said...

"So hoorah for half-assed, maxo-relaxo mediocrity"

yeah, would anyone believe, hearing this stuff, that The Clash were going strong, Talking Heads getting more inventive, XTC kicking ass, and even Neil Young singing about Johnny Rotten?

Nice insulation via income, Fatuous Fabbies!