Saturday, May 16, 2009

George Harrison - Cheer Down

(Warner Bros., 1989)

George Harrison recorded “Cheer Down” for the Lethal Weapon 2 (!!) soundtrack, and with contributions from Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne, this sounds, not surprisingly, an awful lot like the Traveling Wilburys. The music continues along the lines of the dense, guitar-heavy pop-rock of Cloud Nine, and the whole thing’s catchy enough to overcome a stunningly inane set of lyrics (did it really take both Harrison and Petty to come up with lines like “If your dog should be dead / I’m gonna love you instead,” and “If your shares should crash / You’ll get by even without getting a rash”?!). “That’s What it Takes,” another strong Cloud Nine track, is the American B-side, while in Europe it’s the relatively rare and appealing “Poor Little Girl.” Based on what he’d recorded over the last two years, solo and with the Wilburys, George was definitely on a winning streak at this point; it’s too bad that, after this, he went into semi-retirement and didn’t release any new solo material for over a decade. Dagnabit!

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