Sunday, July 5, 2009

Huegenius - Drink Fight + Fun

(Damaged Goods, 1994)

In 1994, Pooh Sticks honcho Hue took some time off from the band – which by that point had become a rather sleek power-twee act – to record a tribute to recently-croaked feces-smearer G. G. Allin. Funny enough as that is on its very face, the fact that he named the project “Huegenius” as a poke at his former labelmate Eugene Kelly’s post-Vaselines group, Eugenius, adds a few extra giggles to this wacky little package. The raucous A-side is a reworked version of Allin’s “Drink Fight + Fuck” that simply replaces each occurrence of the obscenity with the more radio-friendly word “fun.” Aside from that, Hue sticks close to the original, but supercharges the tempo and gives a beefy, Ramones-y performance that I actually prefer to the ragged Allin recording. The song’s brief intro, which sounds like a combination of the MASH theme and early Metallica when they shot for “introspective,” is also on the B-side in slightly different form under the name “Theme for GG” (or “Soliloquy to GG Allin” on the 7” label). The whole thing’s a definite departure from the gelded, sunshiny Pooh Sticks, and quite an entertaining one at that. Now if anyone out there knows where I can find a copy of Hue’s other solo disc, which was a tribute to Brian Wilson recorded under the name Dumb Angels, drop a dime and hep me to its location IMMEDIATELY!

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Anonymous said...

I can probably hook you up with the dumb angels disc. I played on it and the huegenius one and think I still have them in a pile of Fierce records stuff in my garden shed. email me at if you are interested.