Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jail - Suddenly Bad

(Decorated, 2008)

Friends! I’ve been away for a while, thanks to ladies, minor league baseball, Paul McCartney concerts, sleepiness, laziness, and potential swine flu. But now HERE I AM, dumb as ever, plopped down before my keyboard, a-typin’ away about this here
Jail single that has been flummoxing me for many moons now. It’s a weird, winding record, this one, a disc I bought at Academy on a whim, and I gotta say that I LOVE its late-period Pavement-isms, especially since these fellers bash ’em out with better melodic sense and energy than the ever-graying Malkmus. A lot of midtempo noisiness here, with every super-pleasant song running into the next like some kinda shithead’s Abbey Road, everything crammed together just so… Dudes have it down PAT. Liked this disc enough to order the full-length, which arrived yesterday packaged with an INCREDIBLE little CDEP tossed in for just a few bucks extra. Get it while you can and get it cuz you oughta; indiepsychpop kids of the ’90s will swoon, as will all others, including late-gen Beatlefans. Wonderful wonderful.

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