Sunday, February 28, 2010

John Lennon - Borrowed Time

(Polydor, 1984)

I know what you’re wondering: How’s stuff going with my shower? Well let me tells it to you straight by informing one and all that I fixed it my own damned self by bellbottoming down to the local plumbing supply store and simply buying a new shower head, which I then “installed” WITHOUT the recommended thread sealing tape. Problem solved, body cleansed. None more handy than this guy right here, and none more rebellious (re: thread sealing tape). I DO WHAT I WANT.

And what of John Lennon? Baggy white-dude reggae butter from him here with “Borrowed Time”… it’s a very swell simp-Caribbean groove-thingy that ambles along inoffensively just as it should. His DF/M&H sessions were loose, and this pulls that vibe off as well as anything else on those oft-slight tapes, even if, as a whole, Milk and Honey goes a bit far in the anti-slick direction and, perhaps inevitably, feels at times unfinished and patched together. Uh. So?

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ithinkihatemy45s said...

For the record, I also have an alternate sleeve from Europe that has one of the "I'm Stepping Out" shots on the front (with a black border), and then the whole thing folds out into a lyric sheet that also includes a December '80 Annie Leibovitz photo of John & Yoko in bed. WHEEEEEEEE!