Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Aberdeen - Sink or Float

(Tremolo Arm Users Club, 2001)

When did I buy this? Where did I buy this? Why did I buy this? Did I buy this?? I HAVE NO IDEA. Given that I definitely did not run down to my local shoppe for the specific purpose of buying the hot new Aberdeen 7" at any point in the last six years, there are three possibilities here, each as uninteresting as the last: ONE. This was part of a large lot purchased on eBay. TWO. This was a throw-in freebie in some mail-order shipment. THREE. This was part of the big discount 7" lot I bought from that Microindie guy a few years ago. It's safe to say that I won't sleep tonight as I try to solve this incredible riddle. Time to put on my riddle-solvin' hat, my floor-pacin' shoes, and my chin-strokin' forefinger.

The music? Oh! Right! It's like early-90s, mixed-gender, American indiepop all growed up and all uninteresting. Melodic, sure, and the female vocals are super-sugary-AOK, but it's totally boring and predictable genre-hell, both sonically and thematically ("I feel as if I've never had a crush before" ...argh!). Someone like, I dunno, Velocity Girl (why not?) would have performed these songs weirder and better 15 years ago. The last minute of "Sink or Float" is the record's high point, as a piano is plink-plinked atop some relatively noisy and driving guitar. As for the rest, it's just a pleasant time-waster. Inoffensive, see.

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Austin said...

I like this band, yet I own nothing of theirs. I can't imagine this not being good.

But then again, the only reason I know about them is because of the Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars connection. So, I like this sort of wimpy schlock.

This is a fun blog.