Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Adventures In Stereo - Brand New Day

(Bobsled, 1997)

Jim Beattie from early Primal Scream heads up this group, but I don't hear any connection beyond the obsessive need to strip-mine the r'n'r past for the benefit of the indie present. Which can certainly work at times, this being one of them. Chick-vox and melodica dominate the title track, with the other three taking a slightly more danceable (both slow and fast), beat-conscious approach, and always the spectre of Spector (oh good gracious that is RICH! Give me a RAISE!) hangin' over everything. It's all simple Stereolab loop-grooviness plus Lolita girl-group vocal stylings; catchy, sunshiney mid-tempo material. Scenester sass and calculated charm with the classic good-gal/bad-gal dynamic in full effect. Sha-doobie-doo.

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landon said...

I for one would give you a raise for that one! I love this single!!!!!!