Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clockcleaner - Frogrammer

(Parts Unknown, 2005)

Look, I like this record a bunch, even if I don’t have too much to say about it. The vocals on “Frogrammer” have that dramatic, from-the-belly seriousness of Danzig+Sage, but this is no rip… the no-frill guitars are sinewy and nasty, none of the robust machowhatever that characterizes the Misfits. Pissed, but nervous, and slathered in tape-hiss. And is it the same guy or not yowling on “Early Man,” which goes for more of an’80s-Touch-&-Go, no-fi, primal-scream sludgefest? No idea, but this is worth a listen for all those who luvs it loud n dirty. Go-time for Clockcleaner! Released by the same fellers who gave us the Homostupids, so there’s clearly some trustworthy brainpower at work back at Parts Unknown HQ. Buy buy buy.

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