Monday, June 30, 2008

Corrections - Mailorder Freak 7" Singles Club

(Kill Rock Stars, 1999)

I don’t know nothing about these Corrections but AAAAGH WHAT’S THIS LI’L BUG CRAWLING ROUND IN MY BED?! Oh OK it’s just some mini guy with stripes on his shell, not a bedbug or a gawshdamn roach or anything. KILLED now, just in case. So these Corrections. Lotta guitar scree (+ some drums) that sounds like it’s coming through over the telephone lines or a disintegrating cassette. Thrash and wiggle, nothing hardassed enough to be considered confrontational or even challenging. Yawn; I’ve heard fluppin’ Neutral Milk Hotel songs that work the strings rougher than these guys do. Stuff’s some total bedroom tapedeck wank in the least satisfying possible way. A found-sound joke perpetrated on KRS singles-club subscribers? I can’t believe 2,000 copies of this record exist.

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