Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dave Clark Five - Everybody Knows

(Polydor, 1977)

Another version of the “Everybody Knows” single, which, for some bizarre reason, Polydor in Germany felt the need to reissue in the late ’70s. But there is at least some value here, as the B-side, “Always Me,” isn’t on any American Dave Clark Five LP. The song isn’t terribly different from “Everybody Knows,” with those strings and choir-of-angels backing vocals, and despite the 1977 copyright date it’s apparent that this Clark/Smith composition also comes from the tail-end of the ’60s. Rarity or not, however, it’s hard to get charged up rather than depressed about further lifeless, flabby balladry. The DC5 is clearly limping its way the end of the creative road with this garbage.

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