Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fuxa - Free Your Soul

(Burnt Hair, 1995)

The first Fuxa-only 7” (there had been a prior split with Windy & Carl), and a fine introduction to Randall Nieman’s stoned, stay-puft clouds of blisspsych – on “herb green vinyl in support of the legalization,” no less. Bongos, moogs, tribal drums, and reverbed guitars ooze out an instrumental mix of Playing With Fire Spacemen 3, Flying Saucer Attack, and the Silver Apples that makes for a nifty summation of much of the prominent head music of decades past, all a-driftin’ and a-burblin’ and a-floatin’, just like it should. All six tracks are compiled on the 3 Field Rotation CD, and whether you hear ’em here or hear ’em there, try to make sure you set aside the time to hear ’em somewhere before death comes creeping. Is good!

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