Friday, February 20, 2009

Fuxa - Hide Away

(Mind Expansion, 2001)

Say what you will about Randall Nieman and his beard, but you can NOT say that he’s failed to collaborate with the creamiest of the croppiest when it comes to spacerock perfection over the years. FUG! This single has the then-semi-retired Telescopes on the A-side lending their vocal hands to a dense, cooing psych-out, and then Sonic Boom contributing synth and voice to a crackling, organ-heavy Suicide cover (“Girl”) on the B. Perfect perfect PERFECT nod-off stuff. More recent Fuxa partnerings with the likes of Dean Wareham have been similarly successful, but nothing else has achieved the streamlined, absolute fuzzhead grace of this single. If down to your last penny, do whatever you can to turn that copper into this slab o’ non-nonsense. And food.

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