Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jesus & Mary Chain - Never Understand

(Blanco Y Negro, 1985)

Prominent beneath the façade of druggy torpor, there’s more than a bit of surfy twang in “Never Understand,” both in the string-pluckin’ and the uh-huh-huh refrain (ahem: whole thing’s basically the source point for popular new-shot youths Crystal Stilts). It doesn’t depart too far from the formula laid out on “Upside Down,” though the feedback/echo is dialed back a little here and that extreme pop-catchiness isn’t quite present, making it a baby-half-step in the wrong direction and yet nothing worthy of significant boo-hooing. The song crops on Psychocandy as well, and it should be noted that the 7” sounds FAR superior to the muffled, sonically-dead CD release of said album, so please give consideration to going vinyl on this tune if you care about receiving full aural impact. Really! On the unfortunate flip, the appropriately-titled “Suck” (ZING!!) is a brief, paint-by-JAMC-numbers throwaway that sounds like an uninspired – and possibly drunken – studio jam. Hardly worth your ear or your curren—HOLY BEJEEZUS! STOP EVERYTHING! I just got a text from a chum who is RIGHT NOW sitting on a Baltimore-bound bus next to the mother of the guy who composed a forthcoming LIVE Garfield stadium spectacular! And I thought Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties was to be the final word in Garf-stravaganzas! Apparently not!! Rejoice, ye!

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