Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jesus & Mary Chain - RIOT!

(Fierce, 1990)

Ah, Fierce Records. Zany as that label was, this one-sided 7” is the most majestic feather in its quite snazzy cap: a bootleg recording of a riot at an early (March 15, 1985) Jesus & Mary Chain show. Music? None! Lotsa angry smashing and crashing, though, and an interview with some Scottish simp who gives a rundown of the tuff-guy action happening in the background. Plus, hilariously, the disc opens with a tape of Alan McGee’s answering machine. HA! And? HA! Anyway, not having Been There, I’ve never understood the reaction the JAMC apparently provoked back in those babyfaced days; their music was driving and noisy, yeh, but it hardly seems to be conducive to rioting or to any sorta above-average concert violence. So was this “riot” situation mostly media-driven? Or were the band’s fans just a bunch of assholes? Or were people genuinely shocked and offended by the sounds being squawked out by these dudes? Perhaps the UK crowds didn’t appreciate the indoors wearing of sunglasses? Reveal unto me the truth, you crown-ruled gray-hairs of the world.

By the way, I suppose should mention now that, adding to my confusion concerning crowd nuttiness, I saw these guys on their reunion tour a few years back, and it was pretty much a limp skippity-doo through the 21 Singles comp that was heavily lacking in both volume and energy. But: congrats on the paychecks, Reid bros.

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Anonymous said...

I was always told that the riot happened later than the music; that they had left the stage after just 3 or 4 songs in order to anger the crowd and then some shills got the crowd incensed. Course, they did it at a show in which the invited press had shown. I remember seeing this 7" but never thought it was worth the $10 just for collection purposes.