Saturday, August 22, 2009

Job's Daughters - The Prophecy Of Daniel And John The Divine

(Nuf Sed, 1991)

Look, I’m on the record as adoring “The Prophecy of Daniel and John the Divine” as sung by the Cowsills; it’s fantastic, weird, and catchy. Still, blasphemous though it may be to say, Job’s Daughters (built this time around a core of Mark Davies, Brandan Kearney, and Neil Foot) actually IMPROVE here upon the whacked-out glory of the Cowsills’ version, remaining faithful to the creepy apocalyptic candy-psych pop groove of the original while adding a stronger vocal performance and a meatier instrumental backing. Yes, it loses the sick novelty of having a group of kids singing “six-six-six” over and over, but it has a non-haw-haw power perhaps lacking in the earlier recording, sending it rocketing outta any sort of Dr. Demento gag-bin and straight into the upper stratosphere of Total Greatness. So let me come out and say it: That awe-inspiring greatness is, to be honest, pretty much why I’ve waited a week to write about this one. It’s been hard to get myself to sit down and do a review simply because I feel I owe the disc maximum enthusiasm, ACTUAL EFFORT, not just the standard slap-dash rush-job at 2am before I hit the sack. BECAUSE – ready for this? – THIS IS THE BEST 7” I OWN, HANDS DOWN. Really! I ain’t kidding. I love this thing. LOVE IT. There is no other single in my collection that I can listen to as often and as happily as this one, no other single that I’m more excited about playing for friends than this one, no other single that I TREASURE more than this one. This is IT. Whatever you need to do to find a copy, please DO IT. Trust me. KILL if you must.

(But buy or steal, preferably.)


ithinkihatemy45s said...

In fact, I love this record so much that I am going to hereby start adding "BEST SINGLE" tags to certain reviews -- past, present, and future -- with THIS being the inaugural recipient of the honorary "JOB'S DAUGHTERS BEST SINGLE" label. LET IT BE KNOWN!!

Donald Brown said...

I think you should be out on the streets, wearing sandwich-boards, distributing them to the masses.

Donald Brown said...

just so you know: on amazon's recent giveaway of a free mp3, I downloaded The Cowsills version of this classic. Unfortunately Job's Daughters' version was not available.