Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kinks - Celluloid Heroes (live)

(Arista, 1980)

Wheeee, the Kinks recorded an overdub-heavy double live album at the end of the ’70s. And wheeee they bothered to release a single from it, perhaps trying to shamefacedly give “Celluloid Heroes” the chart opportunity it should have had back in ’72. Fuck it: As with most live records, this stuff follows the tired “play it faster, play it louder” formula that has resulted in many a pointless concert-souvenir cash-in over the years. Plus you get obnoxious Wings-style synths and some sweaty guitar-noodling by Dave that detracts from the fragility of the original. So why bother? And on the other side, if you’re silly enough to care, the audience-heavy recording of “Lola” is muscular and energetic, but still begs the same question.

Yet: Biggest head-scratcher? Why’s there a palm frond on the cover of this record?! Ray, TELL A GUY.

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Donald Brown said...

"obnoxious Wings-style synth" -- this is the beginning of the end. Good night, rock, sleep well, sweet prince.

Speaking of Wings; if Davies in this era is unlistenable, Paul must be well-nigh unmentionable.