Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kinks - How Are You

(London, 1986)

Two midtempo mediocrities from Think Visual, though, to be fair, these are two of the better songs on that abomination. Whee! “How Are You” is a mature response to a relationship gone bad, crooned in a manner reminiscent of mid-’80s Bowie, and “Killing Time” sounds surprisingly like a period Jeff Lynne production. Which raises this point: aside from the fact these simply aren’t very good songs, it bugs me that the Kinks, in their final years, have not only tried to become JUST LIKE everybody else on the dinosaur circuit, they’ve also failed miserably at it. The result is boring cookie-cutter rock for old people that sounds like it was created by a bunch of disinterested session hacks.

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Donald Brown said...

Yup, for oldsters who can't even remember what rock was like, thinking it always had sax and synths. It's at this point one wishes the Kinks had disbanded in the late '70s, so that now they could come back as in the late '80s as a nostalgia act, singing only the beloved songs of their prime.