Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Loop - Torched

(The Catalogue, 1988)

Fuggin' flexidiscs. Cheaply made, super skip-happy, easily destroyed. Thankfully, these flippity-floppity wrecks more often than not avoid the inclusion of exclusive material and have historically appeared packaged as bonus/sampler/gimmick freebies -- the MP3 giveaway of the pre-MP3 era, kinda -- otherwise the very existence of the format would be tough to defend. That said, Loop's (stuck into Brit magazine The Catalogue in late 1988), which falls into the "sampler" category, is hardly worth mentioning, as it's simply the album version of "Torched" pressed onto a one-sided disc. Good deal if you're some dink mag-reader in '88 getting exposed to the band for the first time, pretty much pointless for everyone else, both then and now... just pick up the full Fade Out album instead. Now, if it's an ESSENTIAL flexi you want, go out and find "It's a Gas" by Alfred E. Neuman, and friends and enemies alike will soon know you for the cut-up you truly are as those wonderful sounds issue forth from your speakers.

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