Thursday, August 11, 2011

Los Llamarada - The Very Next Moment

(S-S Records, 2007)

RAW! And probably the only Mexican slackfuck 7" in my collection. With its shit-sound abrasiveness and vaguely early-Stooge-ian boneheadedness, I actually prefer this stoned, careening -- yet tight enough -- bloomph over anything on the band's kickin ghettoblast debut LP, The Exploding Now, as it offers both better songwrite and noise-as-texture -- rather than just noise-as-noise -- while still retaining the nifty woo-hoo energy of the alb. And on the B, Brenda Lee's (not Peggy Lee, as credited on the sleeve, dudez) "I'm Sorry" is rendered pleasantly unrecognizable as a buzzing, caterwauling, midtempo clomper, all VU '66 rather than the familiar she-croon syrup. So that's swell. And very worth having.

I happened to see Los Llamarada live around the time of this release... remember them being fun and surprisingly young, and also remember accosting one ill-at-ease member at/to whom I insisted -- probably at length -- that I'd tried my best to get Prindle out to the show; they'd recently conducted an interview wherein they'd fluffed his site. I'd failed, though. Could I have tried better, That Guy from the band? Yes, there is no doubt. But still. Don't be mad. Listen to the B-side here and imagine it coming straight from my heart. PLEASE.

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