Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovesliescrushing - Youreyesimmaculate

(Projekt, 1994)

A song apiece from bloweyelashwish and the then-unreleased xuvetyn, on purple vinyl in a limited edition of, uh, 1000. The comparisons are easy here: like My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, maybe even the less aggressive moments of Flying Saucer Attack, it's all effects-heavy guitar and girl-voice rumble 'n' vroom, though largely avoiding drums and obvious/traditional song structure. Recorded on four-track, too, for maximum sonic bleed and speaker-rattle! A nice package for sure, but this music is actually best heard on CD, as everyone's least-favorite format does at least allow for 80 minutes of nonstop auditory immersion without mood-wrecking breaks to flip the 7" over. And, while we're at it, also VERY recommended is mastermind Scott Cortez's other project, Astrobrite, which retains the oceanic guitars of Lovesliescrushing while adding nifty pop elements to the soup. The first album was recently reissued on LP by some genius, and the only person smarter than that guy is ME because I went and ordered myself a copy the other night.

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