Sunday, December 2, 2007

Assassination - Snipercrust

(Get Revenge, 2006)

Swedish nasties crank out eight songs on seven inches. Breakneck tempos, non-stop drum-pummel…it’s fast and aggressive, yeah, it’s just that there’s not very interesting guitar- or drumwork anywhere. Everything bleeds together into this sodden mush, and it never gets the ol’ ticker thump-thumping the way such a record oughta. Granted, the dual vocals trading off lines on every song are an interesting touch – one guy has a scratchy, “evil” voice, the other has yer standard deep bellow – and some of the simple, vicious lyrics are entertaining. But I dunno. Coming at this as a non-genrehead, there’s nothing here that grabs me; it’s not fun enough, fucked enough, or over-the-top enough.

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