Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Beatles - She Loves You

(Swan, 1963)

And now we reach the Beatles, a band you’ve never heard from, of, or about. But I’m here to help, so take my www.hand and let me guide you through their wacky lives ’n’ times in the magical world of song! We’re talking about four canny guys from unAmerica who predicted the invention of eBay and so formed a rock group specifically built around the idea of releasing attractive picture sleeves that would, decades later, command high prices on the collector circuit.

“She Loves You,” which was itself reissued in 1964 with a nice red sleeve, was the third American single for the Beatles, released on Swan after the band’s split from Vee-Jay and prior to its signing with the big boys at Capitol. Opening with some thundering toms, this one is driven by an exciting, thumping performance – with a whole lotta cymbal on top – from Ringo. The lyrics are actually rather interesting, sung from the perspective of a mutual friend who is working to facilitate a reunion between a pair of exes by passing along news of the female’s continued romantic interest. This helpful fellow dispenses some sage advice to the male (“Pride can hurt you too!”) and is enthusiastic enough about the prospective coupling that he punctuates his reports of the woman’s expressed desire with some hearty “yeah yeah yeah”s each time. That simple vocal hook is justifiably famous as hell (and parodied as hell), and the whole package is so catchy and instantly-unforgettable that it seems inevitable that the disc was to kick the asses of the UK charts from day one. But not so in the US!

Weirdly enough, given its obvious HIT HIT HIT potential, “She Loves You” initially stiffed in the States, possibly because little Swan – unlike Capitol – just didn’t apply (or have available) the necessary promotional muscle ($) to push the group to the top. So did our heroic four-piece, discouraged and shamed by yet another American chart failure, disband and slink away from the music business forever? I’m a betting man, so I would wager YES. But be sure to stay tuned to this site, the world’s only place for the story of the Beatles, and you’ll soon learn the exciting answer!

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