Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boyce & Hart - Sometimes She's A Little Girl

(A&M, 1967)

Heya sucker. SHIT. I’m in a lousy mood and wanted bigtime to dump on this record for kicks, but dammit it’s a definite GOOD’UN and I am thus unable. Goshdarn Boyce & Hart. Argh! You’ve wholly thwarted my crapmood, doodz. “Sometimes She’s a Little Girl” is dominated by admittedly awesome mid-period Beatle-esque guitar pickin’ and is a shoulda-been Monkees’ hit (shades of “Last Train to Clarksville”). Uncharacteristically, the chorus turns sappy instead of rockin’, but it’s a fine reversal for these savvy smartfucks and even ends in an orgy of strings. And “Love Every Day”?! A delicate, safely psychedelic ballad – melodicism up the arse – with wavery, almost-falsetto choruses… what kind of JERK would hate on this one?? Not this jerk, no sir! There’s even some rhythmic triplet fun ala “Strutter” that further boosts the quality-meter. Both songs rule rump through the night, and I’ll hear no argument from the wealthy, internet-using cashew gallery. WHY ALWAYS SO GOOD AND SO CLEVER, BOYCE N HART? WHY?! Look no further for your uberpoppers, people. A paragraph later, my mood is fixed; this record sorta rules.

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