Sunday, March 9, 2008

David Bowie - Heroes

(RCA, 1977)

The music’s that same ol’ dramatic choo-choo chug-and-soar that you know/love, but HEY Bowie’s singing in some crazy gobbledygook! “Chante En Francais,” says the sleeve, whatever THAT means. Good joke, Dave! And good song, especially when you start howling in that pained voice a few verses in! Uplifting stuff. There’s also a third version of “Heroes,” released elsewhere, that’s sung in a made-up language called “German,” and I actually like that one best; the hard consonants give the vocals – Bowie’s finest, for my money (Euros) – an extra edge that further ups the emotional intensity. Listen to all three and judge for yourself, and then immediately throw them away in favor of the classic Wallflowers remake that anchors the smash-hit Godzilla soundtrack. Jakob: the talented Dylan.

The other side features the brief, near-instrumental “V2 Schneider,” which is more synthesized merriment, jaunty low-end giving it a bouncy levity not unlike that of “Autobahn.” Given that Kraftwerk happened to include a member named Florian Schneider, go ahead and connect those dots, Mr. Dot-Connector.

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Donald Brown said...

How, how, how could you not mention what is this track's strongest component -- in any language -- Robert Fripp! Let us now praise not as famous as they should be guitarists. Let's get on record (heh heh) that without the Frippster this song would not pack the sonic punch it does.

Ok, I'm calmer now. Yes I agree this might well be the best Bowie vocal, formidable! fantastisch! awesome!