Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cows - Plowed

(Amphetamine Reptile, 1992)

Degenerate scum, this wacky
Cows band! Always fun, always crazy, always goosing the ass of Johnny Expectations and Suzy Goodtaste. In a departure from the teeth-gnashing norm, it’s some disconcertingly dreamy vocals on the A-side’s snappy motorpunker, aside from the mean-ass chorus, which seems to be about…rape?? I suppose?! No such ambiguity on the filthy horn-tootin’ boogie of “In the Mouth,” which clearly concerns the forcible insertion of sumpin into the oral cavity of anyone – shrink, teacher, boss, gal-pal, landlord, you – who has had the fool notion to rub the vocalist wrong. It’s kinda like a swingin’ new take on “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”! Neither song is as good as the best of tight albums like Sexy Pee Story and Cunning Stunts, but both are exclusive to this single, so sure, why not buy a copy today?

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