Monday, July 21, 2008

Cul De Sac - Doldrums

(Nuf Sed, 1992)

Another Cul de Sac single rescued from the WERS dumpster (total airings listed on the enclosed log-sheet: zero), and again we’ve got ourselves a loopy amalgam of sounds and influences spread over two instrumentals. But while the guitars still play in that surf-derived style heard on “Sakhalin,” there’s a fine overriding dreaminess to “…His Teeth Got Lost in the Mattress…” thanks to the gauzy production and burbling electronics (which seem to be a nod to the 13th Floor Elevators’ electric jug). Flipping the script somewhat and making the disc a gotta-get, “Doldrums” is a roaring psych-out, Can’s hypnotizing rhythm section plus the Creation’s searing guitars – great great great! Comes packaged in a velour cardstock sleeve and is limited to 1,000, with 100 of those signed and numbered.

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