Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel

(Hit-Ton, 2005)

Import re-ish of a 1967 German single with a nifty sleeve-pic taken in a gun shop, the boys surrounded by a buncha artillery.
These Brits had a good thing going through most of their career, mucking around as they were at the intersection of mod-pop and psych, and this single (despite the unexciting and un-guitary soul of “If I Stay Too Long” on the B), was as right-on as it ever got. “How Does it Feel to Feel” is a monster, with total power in those drums and rightly-worshipped guitar mania, a crackling power surge that does chunky and watery equally well. Stands tall next to “I Can See For Miles” in the pantheon of great lysergic creepy-crawlies, and it stars on every Creation comp out there, so close your eyes and pick at random.

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