Monday, July 28, 2008

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat

(Carpark, 2007)

I’ve yet to hear any discographical evidence that proves live isn’t the preferred experience when it comes to Dan Deacon, but this single is a sho-nuff-fine party hit that at least gets within sniffin’ distance of the dude’s true neon-trash-psych hyperactivity. It’s chipmunk vocals and jittery big-bass synth fuckery on “The Crystal Cat,” a dancefloor winner that’s impressively topped by the B-side’s sugar-high videogame hip-hop crunch – yep, a shout-along chorus (+title) of “Totally boner! Eat shit!” will always take the gold. So why don’t you own this? And why haven’t you seen the show? Even a sworn non-dancer like me tapped all tootsies while witnessing the mayhem.

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