Monday, August 4, 2008

Delgados - Lazarwalker E.P.

(Radar, 1995)

This early Delgados EP offers only the faintest hints – primarily in “Lazarwalker’s” semi-lush vocal harmonies – of the hyper-arranged bombast that would characterize the group’s later records. Mostly, the band just sounds very, well, young, with turned-up guitars and crashing drums that situate the songs comfortably in a mid-’90s American indie-rock context (despite being products of Scotland). A fair comparison would be a straighter, pop-minded Pavement, as all four tracks are built around catchy hooks and winning vocals, while retaining their noisiness and throwing up a few mild surprises in their tempo and chord changes. A good start for these oddly underrated folks; harmless pop fun with some crunch.

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