Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dianogah - Hannibal

(Southern, 2001)

Spent a big weekend back in the hometown, the clear highlight being a demonstration before my own two peepers of the absorptive power of Depends adult diapers – never seen anything so amazing! The considerable volume of yellow was soaked right into the patented gel core, and the fellow testing the undies reported that his nethers were bone-dry within seconds. Real impressive. Upon my departure I was sent off with a pair of my very own AND a Bloodrock LP, so the trip was a screaming success, despite a near disaster on the highway when I foolishly chose the x-tra caffeinated roadside sludge-brew (peppermint flavored?!) and set to wishing that I’d pulled on those Depends for the ride. Willpower and bladderpower saw to it that the crisis was averted, WHEW, so here I am, back home and safe in the arms of some Dianogah single. Dudes’ “THING” was that they had a dual-bass lineup, though I’m not sure that that makes a notable difference on these two songs, which are standard-fare late-century Chicago post-rockarolla instros. Sleepy stuff on the A that’s along the lines of a professionally-trained American Analog Set, and the livelier B might actually excite me if I was a hotshot bedroom bass geek. Not that it’s BAD… I’d at least clean my house or get ready for dreamland to these songs. But would I let my daughter marry one?

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Donald Brown said...

That anecdote about your roadway woes made me recall the time I was stuck in stopped traffic en route to the Geo Wash for over 90 minutes, after already being on the road for at least the same. I did repent me that I had consumed a Willoughby's during the drive -- good thing it was only a small! Well, when I heard on satellite radio that the traffic was stopped for an oil spill (!), the cup that held the coffee became the recipient of that part of it not converted into useful material by my digestive system. I had to dump the thing part way through and resume while perched precariously on my car's backseat. Ah, life!

I'm glad to know that if the future proves incontinent there are adult diapers able to do the job!

Signed, MrBtyqur