Thursday, August 14, 2008

Difference Engine - And Never Pull

(Swirling Worlds, 1992)

Shoegaze was mighty swell as far as gender stuff goes, what with every group in the land needing a lady onboard to provide vocals, and one quick listen to
Difference Engine will make clear that these here folks were no trend-buckers, nosireeBOB: Dig those feminine pipes a-croonin’ just the way the formula says they oughta! Musically, the band goes for pretty-pretty in a Lush sense rather than noisy-pretty in a My Bloody Valentine sense, though there is a little edginess in the subtle electonics and guitarchurn bubbling underneath the dreaminess – the total package is kinda Moose-like, in fact, and that’s a comparison that should make any American whatevergaze second-waver feel 100% all-right. A nice disc; when the genre eventually scores its own Nuggets box, these guys better be repped. But for now, unfortunately, Difference Engine is about as obscure as it gets, so finding this single (and the slightly more common Breadmaker album on La-di-da, which is more of the luvly same) is gonna involve you putting on your record-hunting hat. The other 499 copies hafta be out there somewhere.

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