Friday, August 8, 2008

Diamond Nights - Destination Diamonds

(Kemado, 2005)

Here’s a Friday Funny:

Q: Why did rock activist Bono weep as he watched a television broadcast today covering the much-anticipated beginning of an intense, hard-fought international competition?

A: Because as a noted lover of peace, he was upset about Russia finally tiring of tensions over the breakaway region of South Ossetia and invading the neighboring country of Georgia!

Timely. Incisive. Poignant. Jokes can be all of these things.

Now a record review! Diamond Nights takes on the Rock Sounds Of Olde with these two beefy riffmonsters custom-built for all your fist-pump chug-a-lug goodtimes. Solos, falsetto, solid rhythm section, and guitar divebombs are wrapped up in sleek production that works perfectly on the racing dirty-glam of “Destination Diamonds” – party rock as it should be. And hoo boy there’s no real dropoff in the fun on the other side of the disc, where the synthy throwaway “Buddies” is a shimmering, goofy singalong that mixes rock muscle and new-wave keys in such a way that it oughta have big appeal for drunken Rush fans the world over. Want a tip? This UK 7” merely pulls two songs from the strong five-track Once We Were Diamonds EP, so savvy shoppers will instead go find that oft-discounted disc for MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.

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