Sunday, September 6, 2009

Juicy Eureka - Track 29

(Juicy, 199x)

Neil Mackay! Neil Mackay from LOOP! Neil Mackay from HAIR & SKIN TRADING COMPANY! Here? Neil Mackay with uninteresting musical comrades! It’s true, I’m afraid. Juicy Eureka is a major step back from the fucked trance-based hard-rockisms of Mackay’s previous bands, opting instead for a watery sound topped off by his girlfriend’s flat yowl. Faint traces of the much-loved Loop/Hair & Skin narco-pummel are identifiable in the locked-in rhythm section, but the whole thing is utterly – tragically! – lacking in the crucial “oomph” department. It’s tiresome, really. Still, completists will dig knowing that there’s an album out there. Me? I’m not interested. Not at all. That’s what my tattoo says at least.

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