Monday, September 7, 2009

Kathode - Kathode

(Denied A Custom, 1996)

Japanese release from these Michigan scruffies, and it’s pretty-OK, pretty-brutal stuff nestled within your standard grind-y framework: short songs, high-screech/low-growl vox, much drum-driven speed. Nothing especially noteworthy about the actual sounds contained herein (though still a fun slab o’ metal), but it is VERY worth noting that the drummer is a teenaged, pre-celeb Andrew W.K., credited in the liners as both “Glaucomanie” and “Andrew Graucoma.” And while there’s little in Kathode’s sound to suggest the bulldozer-pop of Andrew’s post-2001 career, the electronically-screwed speaker-assault of “Return” on side B definitely calls to mind his solo work (Ancient Art of Boar, “Old Man” on AWKGOJ) and his sonic/social/spiritual ties to Wolf Eyes. Considered alongside AAB, the Pterodactyls, and W.K.’s contributions to Labyrinths & Jokes, it’s actually quite amazing how wide-ranging the guy’s interests and abilities were at such a young age… as another piece of the larger career-puzzle, this record makes for a revealing chunk.

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