Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bullet In The Head - Nifungo

(Bulb, 1993)

Layered guitar-avalanche plus some unsatisfying drum clatter kicks off this short single, an early anti-hit puked forth by Bulb Records (now available on the Bulb Singles #1 CD). There are some divebombing scud attacks on the B that blast us back to medieval times and said era’s aggressive anvil pounding + threat of violence… not that it really goes anywhere or builds to anything. Still, a reasonable amount of start-n-stop and open space on this one, as opposed to just going for the all-out assault, and it’s a mildly interesting (to be generous) change of pace. In the end, the black waves of shitnoise work well, but why don’t these bands give the percussion the same care and attention they give the amps and effects pedals? Ringo’s crying.

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