Sunday, April 27, 2008

caUSE co-MOTION! - Who's Gonna Care?

(Can’t Cope!, 2008)

Listening to peppy jump music like this makes me feel guilty after a day of extreme Sunday sloth where my lone activity of note was a trip to a local flea market (which was also attended by Jon Spencer). Gotta pull it together. Keep my brain working even if my body isn’t. Ready? Ready. Here are some words about the third caUSE co-MOTION 7”: While it’s the same frantic crash-bang-boom of the earlier records (I don’t think the group is gonna be reinventing its own wheel any time soon), the songwriting is getting noticeably stronger and the sound quality is much improved – check out the low-end on these babies! I was definitely feeling the like-a-faster-Pastels thing more than ever on this single (particularly the shambolic punk-pop of “Who’s Gonna Care?”), and that’s a comparison I’m always happy to have my ears make for me. So hoorays and hoorahs all around; quality/consistency roolz, and these guys have quality/consistency up the rear.

And! On the business side, this 45 seems to be self-released; reckon it’s a one-off stopover on the band’s way to big-league Slumberland Records, who’ll be putting out a 7” and a singles comp later this year. Look to shoplift those soonish, fans.

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