Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Carbonas - Blackout

(Shattered, 2005)

Fast garage punk with pop structures and an on-the-ball lead guitarist (solos n everything!). The rhythm section, as is often the case with these groups, is hardly showy, but there’s more than enough punch there to get the job done …and the bloody mix – EVERYTHING is turned up – certainly doesn’t hurt. It all comes together best on “Nostalgia Buff”: catchy vocal melody, good riff, tight playing, genuine EXCITEMENT in dem vinyl grooves. Record’s pretty furious! While not quite up to the level of their buddy Jay Reatard overall, this stuff is entertaining and raw, and I betcha these Carbonas are a barrel o’ fun-lovin’ monkeys live.

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Anonymous said...


Carbonas wish they were the Marked Men. Too bad for them wishes don't make reality.

Carbonas car-BLOW-a!