Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Chap - I Got Flattened By A Pig Farmer

(Lo, 2002)

Two examples of quirktastic electro-pop from these underrated European goofballs. “I Got Flattened By a Pig Farmer” is all about its pitter-pattering beats and sneaky bassline (though the surprise fiddle attack at the end is fun), more a chilly 12” club thingy than a proper pop/rock song, and quite representative of the less inspired moments on Chap full-lengths. The B-side, “Remember Elvis Rex,” is better, the dual-vox monotone spitting out the nonsensical lyrics over warm, distorted synths and electronic bleeps, comparable to an embryonic Caribou crossed with the Flying Lizards. Both songs are on the subsequent LP The Horse – as well as a promo CDR single that adds the rarity “I’m Hurtn” – but anyone interested in The Chap would be best served by finding the later “(Hats Off to) Dror Frangi” EP, whose synth burps and guitar explosions do a near-perfect job of balancing pop brilliance with rock-band posturing and gratuitous electro weirdness. If you’re conscious and breathing, it doesn’t get too much better than the likes of “I Am Oozing Emotion.”

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