Thursday, April 24, 2008

caUSE co-MOTION! - Which Way Is Up?

(What’s Your Rupture?, 2006)

On this, America’s shortest single ™,
caUSE co-MOTION is a little more clean and confident in the instrumental dept, but happily still sounding confused and adenoidal (“Which way is up?!”), a morning-after Elvis Costello stumbling through the streets on a wild-eyed hangover-high. As before, it’s locomotive plow-ahead with a few triplets-and-cymbal-crashes to break the momentum at regular intervals. Ace poo, fellas, ace. “Falling Again,” however, with its vocal effects, multiple guitar parts, and non-rock drum beat gets a little too cute for its own good and ends up falling flat over the course of its typically-brief runtime. See, rocking simple is pretty much rocking swell for these guys – and I’ve witnessed the live shows to prove it – so there’s no shame in keeping it plain. You hear? Don’t get all fancypants and POINDEXTER-Y on my ears, doodz. After all, I’m no NERD, says my mom.

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