Saturday, January 3, 2009

Flipper - Flipper Twist

(Matador, 1992)

Say, this is more like it! Tighter and screamier (almost in a Dee Snyder sense) than what one might expect from Flipper, “Flipper Twist” is a snappy retardo romp that’s just as singalong-ready as “Sex Bomb,” and operates on a similar level of goofy fun. A great song for hearing and loving and having and hugging! Real head-sticky, too! The less memorable “Fucked Up” has a lot in common with the seriousness of the so-so previous single, but Bruce Lose’s echo-heavy vocals are far more effective here than those on “Some Day.” Overall – thanks largely to the A-side – this record is a big improvement, even if the emphasis is again unfortunately placed on the singing rather than the bludgeoning power of the instruments. Both songs (along with “Some Day” and “Distant Illusion”) ended up on the American Grafishy album, which was released on Def American and executive produced by the gentle hand of noted beardo Rick Rubin. Who’da thunk?

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