Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flying Saucer Attack - Crystal Shade

(FSA, 1994)

The “Crystal Shade” single – Flying Saucer Attack’s third – takes a mood-/texture-based approach rather than a standard “song”-based one. On the trebly A-side, the rhythm section is more implied than present, and Pearce’s sighing vocals are buried in the distortion-drenched mix, MBV style, creating a track that, for lack of a better word, undulates instead of, uh, rocks. “Distance” is a ghostly, echo-heavy drum loop that gets slowly overwhelmed by buzzing, churning feedback – pleasant, though nothing spectacular. Overall, it’s not as strong a disc as “Soaring High,” but when the songs are woven into the Distance comp, they make for relaxing, zone-out mood-music well-suited to autumn and lengthy bus rides.

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